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yes guys, i am back. sorry I havn't been blogging lately. It's because it is in light with the recent events involving me, myself and I. You guys should know about this so yeah. But now i'm back and i'll be blogging more regularly.

Take care now, Keep your zipper up and don't pick your nose in public.
In this world, you would have a 100% Chance of Finding a Coke, a 50% chance of finding a McDonalds and now, a 25% (and increasing) Chance of getting America's favourite latte.

First it was Coca-Cola, Then it was McDonalds. Now, the 3rd wave of American Products is here. Starbucks Coffee. Mann they're everywhere now. I'm pretty sure they'll take over the world just like how Coke and Macca's did. But i'm still wondering why would anyone want to fork out for 7 Ringgit cofee or a 10 Ringgit Latte or a 13 Ringgit Frappucino?? And why am I so addicted to them?! Is it because of their 'lepak' environment they have? Is it because of the Free wifi and electricity? Or is it because they put nano-sized mind-control devices making us coming back every time?? Whatever it is they're up to something. They now have around 16,000 stores in 48 countries and are constantly expanding.

Some shots of unlikely locations where you would find a Starbucks Coffee Store.

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Popular to contrary belief that people say that this is the world's largest Starbucks, it's not. Only the sign is big lol. The store is on the bottom-left of the pic.

Beijing, China

I guess Starbucks have Over-Done it on this one.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

No Surprise Here. I mean come on, it's Dubai. I posted this coz of the spectacular dome

Chiang Mai, Thailand

I couldn't believe it when I saw quite a few Starbucks Stores outside our hotel while in Chiang Mai. But IMO the Thai Baristas make the nicest and smoothest Fraps =)

Seoul, South Korea

Starbucks with an Asian Twist!

Montreal, Canada

They had to put cafe in front due to French Canada law. So it's Starbucks, French Style!

Moscow, Russia

Yes, even now in Mother Russia they have Starbucks. A sign that we clearly won the Cold War.

And I found 2 special ones right here in Tanah Melayu

Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang

And last but not least. Beranang, Selangor

To see this, you have to scroll down...


Thanks for Reading =)

10 Children's show contreversies.

I AM STRESSED OUT. So today I am goner write about the little things that we miss while watching them children shows without noticing that some shows that sometimes teach children bad things.

10. Sesame street talk about sensitive issues

Why?: As far as I can remember, Sesame Street once devoted an entire season towards the D word. The parents of one of the characters. Snufflepagus, otherwise known as Snuffy the Elephant, filed for Divorce. Hah I can imagine during the show Big Bird would go. Today's episode of Sesame Street is brought to you by the letter "D". Reason why I added this in is because it kinda teaches small children about a very sensitive 'adult' issue.

Evidence: Sesame Street Season 23

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snuffy%27s_Parents_Get_a_Divorce

9. Max and Ruby are Married

Why?: I was browsing on some YouTube poop and found a poop from a nick jr. show about 2 rabbits living together in the same house. They claim that they're siblings but I beg to differ.

Evidence: They are living in the same house. Their parents are no where to be seen. I bet them 2 rabbits got married.

Source: YouTube Poop

8.  Arthur Faps

Why?: Isn't it obvious that Arthur "the whatever animal he is" horny??

Evidence: none. but you know he's horny

Source: Again, YouTube Poop

7.  Blues clues - Why was Steve replaced with Joe?

Why?: On the TV show, Steve is entering College (about friggern time). And his cousin Joe is the replacement host for the show. But don't you think its like some kind of fake statement to ensure the calm mind of the 95% of children 6 and below watching this show? What I think is that Steve (that's also his real name btw.) was convicted for doing Heroin and he's either dying from it so he had to be removed from the show due to health reasons or he's spending his time in the Slammer and Viacom (The people who own Nickelodeon, MTV, Vh1 etc.) had to find a replacement. In my opinion they did a really bad job finding one. No wonder why the show got cancelled.

Evidence: Steve just 'Dissappeared'

Source: http://www.snopes.com/radiotv/tv/bluesclues.asp

6.  Pooh and Christopher Robin are gay

Why?: Isn't it obvious?

Evidence: A line from one of the Winnie the Pooh movies
Pooh: "Christopher Robin! I found youu! Your here with me! What could be more right than this??"

Source: Winnie the Pooh, one of the winnie the Pooh movies made in the late 90's. I forgot the name.

5.  Dora the Explorer is a Mexican immigrant

Why?: Again. Isn't it obvious? She speaks spanish. Gots a mexican complexion. And teaches children Spanish. This is an American production...

Evidence: Look at the US border Patrol security photo below.

Source: digg.com

4.  Barney eats kids

Why?: Notice how some children are missing from the episodes and are replaced with new ones?? Hmm Barney must've eaten them up.

Evidence: none
Source: none

3.  Snuffy the Crack Dealer

Why?: Remember when you used to watch Sesame Street and find a wooly mammoth? He's Snuffy. Seriously, that guy looks like he's on crack 24-7. The way he talks, his eyes, just everything about him speaks out yelling "I AM ON CRACK!! WANT SOME??" And if he's on crack 24-7 he's either Super-Rich or he's the crack dealer himself. Well since Sesame Street is set in a Low Class society I guess Snuffy being rich is out of the question.

Evidence: I don't mean to scare you.

Source: Sesame Street. Watch it and you'll get it.

2.  Bert and Ernie are gay

Why?: I don't think that Bert is gay but I feel that everytime I see those 2 together in their apartment, it looks like Ernie is coming onto Bert. This issue has been widely publicised in the Media so this point, together with points 10, 7 and 1 are legit issues. Well isn't it obvious? They live in the same apartment. They sleep in the same room. And most of the time they like touching each other.


Source: Again, Sesame Street.

1.  The teletubbies teaches children about homosexuality...

Why?: Oh come on.  This issue's been everywhere ever since the Teletubbies started showing. Only those who havn't seen the show do not know about this issue. It was pressed many times by Governments and the Media. Tinky Winky is a guy. But why the heck does he carry around a women's purse?? The BBC protected this statement saying that it's "A Magic Bag". WAHT?! Dipsy's totally gay for Tinky Winky. Why? In one episode I saw Tinky Winky and Dipsy "holding hands". Who the Fuck does that?? Its alright is Tinky winky and Lala do it but Tinky Winky and Dipsy?! *sigh* BBC you need to clean up your act.


Source: Hotlink from the Wikipedia article.

And that's all there is to it.

Generation Y: Kids of the 1990s

Sorry about the long post. But you'll be very interested in it x)

Remember the time when you regularly used the words "Fresh" "Cool" "Whoa" and "Dude"?

Generation Y : The Generation after Generation X. Its usually related to someone who was born in between the years 1977 and 2000. This group of people are also known as the Internet generation. Those who are a slave to the Internet.

90's Kid (noun) : A subculture for Generation Y who were children or teenagers during the 1990s

This was kinda on my mind for quite a while now so I was itching to write about it.

Everything that I remembered during the 1990s Pop Culture.

Okay let's start off with TV. The time when I really started watching TV was when Astro came out. Somewhere back in '97 or '98. Back then I considered myself lucky cause we got it when it first came out. Was liek RM1000+ (LOLWTF?!) or something like that ahh can't remember. Anyways yours truly (and I know all of you guys) have been exposed to shows synonymous to the 1990s. Back when there were really dumb and pointless cartoons on Cartoon Network. Heck so dumb my parents ddnt let me watch some of them. Also back then during the time when Sexual Inuendo's hid in cartoons. I laughed my head off watching them last night, hmm brought back a lotta memories and brought new ones with the 'hidden adult jokes'.

Okay I need you guys to me a favour once you finish reading this post. Below are a number of shows that are 90's shows. Copy and Paste the list and mark whatever shows that you remember from the 90s and post it here as a comment =)

It took me almost 2 hours to think about this list x)


[ ] The Adventures of the Gummi Bears
[ ] The Adventures of Pete and Pete
[ ] Aaahhh!!! Real Monsters
[ ] All That
[ ] Animaniacs
[ ] Are You Afraid of the Dark?
[ ] Arthur
[ ] Beast Wars Transformers
[ ] Bill Nye The Science Guy
[ ] Bonkers
[ ] Boy Meets World
[ ] Captain Planet and the Planeteers!!
[ ] Care Bears
[ ] Clarissa Explains It All
[ ] Cow and Chicken
[ ] Darkwing Duck
[ ] Digimon
[ ] Doug
[ ] Fresh Prince of Bel Air
[ ] Friends
[ ] Full House
[ ] Goof Troop
[ ] Hey Arnold!
[ ] Johnny Bravo
[ ] Kenan and Kel
[ ] The Magic School Bus
[ ] The Nanny
[ ] Pepper Ann
[ ] Pinky and the Brain
[ ] Pokemon
[ ] Power Rangerssss!!!
[ ] Quack Pack
[ ] Recess
[ ] Rugrats
[ ] The Ren and Stimpy Show
[ ] Rocko's Modern Life
[ ] The Secret World of Alex Mack
[ ] Seinfeld
[ ] Sonic the Hedgehog (The TV Show)
[ ] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (The Original One, Not that shitty new remake)
[ ] What a Cartoon! Show
[ ] 2 Stupid Dogs

Okay that's 42 shows in the 90's. Ahh brings back a lotta memories. I can still hear them intro songs ringing in my head (: Can anyone remember them all? Or at least most of it??

Anyways TV aside, i'll talk this time about the Toys we had back in the 90s. If you were from the 90's you would have at least:
  • Hot Wheels
  • Lego
  • A tamagotchi
  • A Digivice
  • Furby
  • Megazord
Can't think of any more. But it sure as heck brings back a lotta memories ^__^

Okay now moving on to Music. Hits like Mambo Number 5, Macarena and Ice Ice Baby used to rock our world. Back when Blink 182, Green Day and No Doubt were Mainstream. Back then when Hitz.fm was new and was plainly named Hitz FM. Back when Guys got a lot Gay-er. We used to Worship people like the Backstreet Boys, N*Sync and Westlife. No joke. Back when the phrase "so tell me what you want, what you really really want" was a mantra. And guys danced to "Spice up your life". Yeah you guessed it. It was the second wave of the British Invasion. The Spice Girls. Ermm okay there was Baby, Melanie, Mel, Posh and Scary if i'm not mistaken. And by the way I DID NOT copy this from anywhere! If you were from the 90s you would have remembered their names by heart.

And lastly, Movies. Back when you cried when Mufasa died in the Lion King. When you didn't understand what Jack told Rose just about he was about to die in Titanic. Back when there were KILLER Disney movies such as Hercules, Toy Story, Beauty and The Beast, Tarzan, Mulan and Aladdin!!

I have to admit it. I FUCKING MISS THE 90s!!!!!

Hmm now gota tell Tengku about this...

Don't forget to copy paste wateva I have up there Thnx (:

Aloy : Why is making love so enjoyable ?
PCK : Aiyah, ah boy, enjolable becaws, same like when you dig your nose with your finger mah !
Aloy : Do you think women enjoy sex more than men ?
PCK : Of course woman lah ! When you dig dig your nose, your nose feel better than your finger, right ?
Aloy : Why do women hate it when they get raped ?
PCK : Ai-yah ! Say, you walk along the load, den someone come over and dig your nose, you like or not ? Ehhh ? Don't pray pray ah !
Aloy : Why is it a woman cannot have sex when she is having her menses?
PCK : Oy !! If your nose bleeding, you still go and dig meh?? Siow ah ! Use your blain, use your blainnn ...........
Aloy : Why is it most men don't like wearing condoms when they are making love ?
PCK : Ehhhh, when you dig your nose ah, you like to dig with a glove on your finger or not ? Not the same shiok feeling mah. Corlight or not?
Aloy : Why is making love carried out in private ?
PCK : Ah boyyyyy, use your blain, use your blainnnnn......you go and dig your nose in flont of your whole class izit ?? Stupid lah!!
Aloy : Wah ...... Uncle Chu Kang, you are very good.
PCK : Aiyah ....... ,' Best in Singapore , JB, some say Batam, and now, the whole world!' also ah!!!

oh fuckkk. not Lady Gaga again .__.

Arghh Boss went away to Riyadh today. He's comin back in 2 weeks. Fuckk I want to follow him, then can see Juliet♥ . That ALSO means no pay till he gets back!!! Darke's in charge, he's cool coz he's an Apple products user =D Goshh m so depressed =( Go away, nao. But before that wud u be kind and leave a mark (comment) that you actually read my blog thanx ^__^

I was joking about the go away part btw. 

Hmm started to tune into US radio stations over iTunes. Mann they're annoying. Most of the time, they only play today's music. Fuckk I heard "Just Dance", "Poker Face, "Love Story", "Heartless" and fucking "Right Round" liek a gazillion times just to name a few. I don't think that their songs suck, it's just annoying when they play it over and over and over. Hah thank godd them Jonasfags don't have any hits that recieve regular airplay. Yay! Anyways about 8-9 years ago I found out this thing called Digital Download and Music Libraries. Thank godd for that =D back then it was all dialup. I remember it took liek 10-15 mins to download 1 song. Today I can download one in less than 30 seconds x) Without them mp3's we have to be stuck with listening to the same song every half-hour.

ooh and for strange reasons a couple days ago i started song writing. ehh it'll be released, it'll be played during my funeral to honour me. hah perasan x)

Sry if my swearing offends you, m just havin a bad day.

Check back tomorrow coz i'm goner post sumthing interesting x) Friends on Friday lol how cheezy. See yous


today started out okay at work. found out that one of our screens at pelita ss2 were displaying outdated content. the reason? its coz their internet is down and a manual upload is required. anways no biggie, one of the guys picked it up and brought it back to the office. when one of our guys arrived with the unit, everyone was surprised. the freakin unit looked like as if it was operating from a shithole. seriously. and it smelled like a mamak shop. boss told one of the technicians downstairs to get it cleaned. a bottle of thinner, 20-30+ Q-Tips, a whole lotta tissue paper and 4 hours later, the little Dell Slimline workstation was ermm fairly clean. Hashim the new guy uploaded the content (every employee of BeDigital has done this) and it's done and ready for our client

kk enough of that, lemme think wts goin on....hmmm *thinkthinkthink*

o yea i'm still working on a new segment that wud be playing on our advertising screens in all of our locations. they're quotes with a little humor in it. like for example

"Chinese Ploverb: Man who drive like hell, sure to get there"

- Confucious

yea you get it dnt cha? i have to write a freakin xml script for it. awesome aye? well IMO it's a pretty daunting task coz i have to write over 4500 lines of xml coding! but it's not putting too much pressure on my work. boss says it's nothing urgent so i plan to spend an hour or 2 a day to write the coding.

here's how it looks like

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rss version="2.0">
    <generator>RSS Editor</generator>
    <pubDate>18 Feb 2009 08:05:42 GMT</pubDate>
    <title>Who Said What</title>
    <description>Useless quotes</description>
    <title>Tom Clancy</title>
    <description>The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.</description>
    <pubDate>23 Feb 2009 10:46:29 GMT</pubDate>
    <guid isPermaLink="false">57D02344-596F-4E4A-90D5-4CDB336B7685</guid>

Pretty complicated aye? Well if your used to it its kinda easy x)

Status on Sunburst KL '09 ad, pineapple concerts havn't submitted to us the high-resolution pic of the poster with all the sponsors and stuffs so we can't start on it yet. hopefully they will send it to us this week. And yes i think i'll keep the free tics to myself (Bibah)

Ooh and it's Mira's birthday tomoro (: I plan to call her tonite at midnite x)


hey guys, its been a while since i last updated my lj due to extreme laziness and internets been real slow for the past few days. first real post coming up soon. better go tell tengku about this hmmm

my wishlist.

I admit that I love raya wayy more than christmas, but since christmas is part of my eurasian heritage, I just had to write this list.

What I want for the holidays:

  • A more powerful graphics card.I only gots 7300GT T__T
  • A bigger monitor. The 19" is great for games, bad for movies. Something around 22"W. But bigger is better(:
  • New phone. Mines crap atm. iPhone 3G plsss? (:
  • Really good earbuds for my iPod. The ones that came with it are crap. They don't deserve to be used with a RM1000 Media Device >.<
  • New Guitar

That's all there is to it I guess.

hiya coke valy nice one ah!

just watch and listen.

for facebook readers, use the "View Original Post" link to listen to it. trust me, you guys are gon laugh your arse off xDDDDDD